Friday, February 10, 2006

Newton and Politics

It must suck to be an Emperor. Sure, its great at first. You get to throw your weight around. You get to consistently dupe the serfs in your fiefdom. You get to jail people without probable cause and hold them indefinitely. You get to conjure fear. But see, Newton's laws still apply, and one varient he wrote for the third law before settling on "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" was, "For every motherfucker you push around, there's a push back waiting to happen."

And so it goes with our little, insignificant, incompetent, Emperor Bush. Largest terrorist attack ever in the history of the US occurs on his watch. Instead of investigating to find a way to prevent another attack, he bullies congress into shredding the Constitution, starts an illegal wiretapping program (which we know they've been wanting to do FOREVER), starts an ill advised war with the entire Muslim population, and stonewalls any attempt to learn about the weaknesses in our intelligence system, preferring instead to just get some kind of intelligence (and how can you blame him? I mean, honestly, when you are as devoid of intellect as the President is, even trivial information must seem like an astrophysics degree). His minions travel the country striking fear into our hearts, making false promises, bumbling catastrophe after catastrophe. This administration could honestly fuck up a date with their mothers.

And at every turn, the American people get dicked around. In New Orleans. (Side Note: did anyone see the Super Bowl, where during the "In a tribute to NOLA" Star Spangled Banner they showed Condoleeza Rice weeping in the press booth? Did anyone other than me find it Ironic that when New Orleans was choking to death on bodies and garbage and toxic sludge, she was buying shoes? Dem strategy squad, I hope you taped that. Because when she runs in 08, you'd better just play that OVER AND OVER AND OVER!) In Iraq. In Wiretapping. In PlameGate. In Guantanamo and Extraordinary Rendition. In LobbyGate. And every time we ask for a little accountability, we're punched in the face, thrown in the back of a trunk, driven out to the desert where the O'Lielly, Limbaugh, Hannity hit squad kicks the shit out of us and leaves us there. All while Rove stands there chortling about his evil genius.

But see, Newton was a one bad mutha. You don't fricking solve gravity without being one bad mutha. And Newton's getting his vindication now. And really, come on, Newton III is a life lesson man. Its Kharma. But ours is good and Bush's is bad. I mean, shit, Mike Brown (FEMA lackey and money launderer), is basically blackmailing the federal government. Lewis "Scooter" Libby just rolled on Lord Dick Cheney about Plame. The CIA says that the President blatantly and knowingly manipulated intelligence on Iraq. The NYT and the Post are saying Bush's been lying about the wiretapping program. That its been more extensive. Its been spying on domestic protest groups and american citizens. (HEY! People! WAKE THE FUCK UP! THE GOVERNMENT IS SPYING ON US!). And finally, everyone that's been pushed around by this administration is starting to push back. The "equal and opposite" reaction is coming. And there's a lot of pissed off people in the public that are salivating over the idea of this administration being torn apart piece by piece through thier own incompetence.

See, Newton also wrote "Things in motion tend to stay in motion." And right now, this pushback is gaining momentum. Its going to continue to build folks. It'll build in our hometowns, in our cities, in our local governments. It's a push to take this government back from the Incompetent Corruption that has taken it from us. It's going to build and build, until eventually, even Big Media won't be able to spin the tall tales anymore. And eventually, we'll get back what's been taken from us. We'll get our America back.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hoppin mad.

I'm really mad today. I'm really mad at congress, who has made it their constitutional duty to bend over and take it from this administration.

As far as I remember, the constitution called for three, seperate but equal, branches of government. Not "One branch of government to rule them all, one to find them, one to bring them together and in the darkness bind them."

Bush is evil. His Henchmen, (Condi, Gonzales, Brown, McClellan, et al) are also evil. They have, in essence, fucked us. All of us. I'm so mad, i can't even pick one thing to bitch about today. So you'll get this, and tomorrow, hopefully, a concerted effort to highlight and pinpoint the actual source of anger.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Security vs. Liberty.

Everyone loves Rocky. The underdog who rises to defeat the evil champ. Everyone loves the training montage where Rocky beats the shit out of himself to toughen himself up for the big title bout. Rocky is the American story. Rising up against all odds, and just when you think you've been beaten, WHAM! There's that killer uppercut the bad guy didn't see. And you win. and you get the girl. and you live happily ever after in fame and fortune.

So why don't we like Liberty eh? Why are we, as a nation, so willing to put Liberty down? If the US were a boxing ring, Liberty and Security would be the title bout. And right about now, Liberty's choking on its own blood as Security mercilessly pounds away at her. And you know what? The audience is loving it! They love watching Liberty get kicked in the chest while the ref ain't lookin. The folks who are supposed to stand up for Liberty, they're cheering Security on as it drops a folding chair on sweet, sweet, Lady Liberty's dented head.

Like Sen. Saxby "seriously, guys, stop calling me that" Chambliss, who says about what is a gross violation of the US Constitution: "Those folks who continue to go out front and talk in a negative way about this [spying] program may be aiding and abetting the terrorists." You've got to be fucking kidding Sexy! You're a fucking SENATOR! You're entire purpose on this planet is to keep the Constitution safe from despotic presidents. YOU TOOK A FUCKING OATH TO UPHOLD THE LAW YOU RAT BASTARD! And because you're so fucking scared of what'll happen when the people stop being afraid of shadows, you back a warrantless program to violate several federal laws as well as the US Constitution.

And when you put the question to the American people like fucking Fox does when it asks "Should the president do everything in his power to protect Americans?" of course you're gonna get an overwhelming majority who say yes. Shit, I say yes in that circumstance. But what Fox "conveniently forgets" is that this ISN'T in the President's power. Not his war powers, not his article II powers. This is expressly forbideen by those powers. There were laws and systems in place to protect us from terrorists and we ignored them. This is, in effect, in violation of those articles of the constitution and laws. This is, in effect, ILLEGAL! And SexFiend Chambles is in violation of his oath to uphold the constitution, and that fucker ought to be kicked out. Done. end of story. Any senator that supports this illegal spying program is in violation of their oath of office, and is to be removed from the chamber. For good. EVER! Anyone who wants us to have national ID cards, and papers to move between states, and camps for "subversives" or "dissidents" is in direct violation of national law, of the law of this land. Anyone who sacrifices liberty for security is not only against everything this country was founded on, but is aiding and abetting the goals of the terrorists.

Yeah, I said that last sentence. And think about it, for just a minute. Look at how much we've changed since that fateful morning. We hold people indefinitely without warrants or access to legal counsel. We extradite people illegally to other countries (and in some cases, we forget all about the "other country" part) and torture them. We spy on our own citizens. We silence dissent with cries of treason. We have Senators, who have sworn to uphold law and order in this country, blatantly condoning a program of illegal surveillance. Does this strike anyone as a little bit scary? A little, oh, I don't know, AGAINST what we stand for? Is it a pre-9/11 mindset to want to uphold the Constitution? Is it a sacrifice of Security to uphold law and order and lead the world by example? Is it being "a surrender monkey" to not mask criminal activity with the cloak of security?

Yeah, I said that too. Republicans love security. Whenever someone points out something blatantly illegal that Republicans are doing, they should "terrorists" and dare somebody to stand up to them. get it through your skulls now folks, republicans are going to exploit your fear. they're trying to make you scared enough to say, "look, do whatever, just don't let me die." Then they will steal all your money, they will violate the law to spy on their political enemies, and when you say anything about it, they're gonna say, "We have to do whatever the fuck we want or YOU WILL DIE! Now, fuck off." And you will. Cause you're scared. And the Republicans will beat Lady Liberty into a coma with their jackboots.

See, cause you can't win a fight without someone rooting in your corner. and right about now, Lady Liberty's all alone out there. She's holding on, doing the best she can, but she's hurting. man, is she hurting. Her wrist is sprained. She's got a cut on her head that's bleeding into her eyes. She's got no teeth, and a bruised rib, and a beaten kidney. She's already been knocked down twice, and if she gets nailed again, its all over. Security wins. And we've killed the country to save it.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

A cold, hard, stare.

Do you know the hardest stare of all? The one you get from the mirror when you wake up in the morning and realize you've let yourself go to shit. the one that says, "I've been out to 4 a.m. every night for the last three months drinking Hurricanes and Cosmos. I've blown every dime on junk food, booze, and snort. I've gained 30 pounds, my skin looks like shit, my heart's about to burst from the stress. I've been drunk at work, when I'm visiting the kids at the ex's, at the AA meetings. None of my clothes fit. i'm broke and my mouth tastes like week old vomit. I need to get cleaned up."

That should've been Tuesday night at the State of the Union. That was America's turn to look in the mirror and say, "Fuck me, I'm a wreck." When our president couldn't even devote more than 16 lines of the STATE OF THE UNION to adressing one of the worst natural disasters ever to strike these shores. When his solution to our dependence on foreign oil was Switchgrass. For fuck's sake people. WEEDS are his solution to the impending energy crisis? FUCKING WEEDS?!?!? Is there any conservative out there who's actually nodding their head in agreement with this concept? Any responsible conservative? BUELLER?!?!? I mean, do we not give Iowa farmers enough subsidy to produce corn ethanol? (by the way, the energy produced from ethanol doesn't even match the energy required to produce it, and its still pretty dirty in emission). We gotta give them money to grow fuckin WEEDS!?!?!?!?!? His solution was not to address the problem by using readily available technology to increase MPG. His solution was not to address hybrid technology and improve current methods for american car makers (Come on folks. GMC makes a "hybrid" truck that gets 20 mpg. no joke). No. The solution was weeds. And more subsidies to corn farmers (just in case anyone in Iowa WASN'T going to vote republican in 06).

That should've been it folks. That was our intervention moment. The moment when we needed to get our face out of the cake, get off the sauce, save some money, and hit the gym. But we're a lazy people. When we should've turned to Bush and said, "Look, I pay your salary. And you are fuckin TERRIBLE at your job. You're fired", we instead sat back and said, "Yeah man, no oil from the middle east, I dig it." By the way, OPEC got so pissed that the Energy Secretary backtracked on that statement Thursday, living up to the White House Promise of, well, shit, not living up to its promises.

See, here's the thing. Living this lifestyle you die at 50 with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, erectile dysfunction, no friends, gout and a shitload of debt for your family. You die alone and afraid, cowering in a corner while the delirium tremens shake your brain to death. and you're remembered not for the wonderful life you once led, but for the shaking, drooling, mumbling mad fool you've become from your excessive lifestyle.


The Dragon likes his movies. I hope to someday be a part of cinema history in some way, shape or form, and therefore I dig movies when and where I can. I dig all kinds of movies, from sci-fi (Serenity was sweet), to action films (The Chow-Yun Fat/John Woo Hong Kong Collaborative pics were the best), to deep, meaningful films (Lost in Translation, Shawshank Redemption), to off the wall zany flicks (Wedding Crashers and Ed Wood). My Motto, "Do as Clooney would do." So you gotta take a couple of Batman and Robins before you get to do Oh Brother Where Art Thou and Good Night and Good Luck. By the way, Clooney made a bit of Oscar history this year, being the only person to be nominated for a supporting actor and director award in the same ceremony.

An Oscar nomination is a windfall for a movie. You ever notice that Oscar films are released late in the year, usually with long runs and options to reopen? Its because if they get nominated, every geek like me who hasn't been doing his homework this year gets off his ass and says, "Shit, Good night and Good luck, I gotta see that!" and drops 50 bots in a weekend to go do a marathon. Suffice to say, Blue Dragon has been busy burninating peasants, or whatever the hell it is that I do, and has not seen any of the oscar contenders this year. I can safely say however, that I am not threatened by Hollywood's gay agenda. Because guess what chickadees, there is NO GAY AGENDA!

I'm sorry, I know you frightwingers just turned me off with a dismissive "elitist liberal pig." come back frightwingers. Let me explain what I mean. I want you to go to IMDB. com. Go now, and if you look up 2005, you're gonna find about 4,471 entries in films made in the US. Of those 4,471 entries, we have such monikers of quality as: Are We There yet?, Assualt on Pricinct 13, Bee Season (starring Richard Gere), Beef 3, The Benefits of Drinking whiskey (and I'm just through the B's.) Of all 4,471 films, three films that deal with gay and gender issues were nominated. Brokeback Mountain, Capote, and Transamerica (Felicity Huffman is nominated, not the film). Do you know why these films were nominated, and not Beef 3? Because, maybe, just maybe, THEY WERE GOOD MOVIES! Maybe they had good characters, an interesting storyline, good cinematography, ya know, the things we're SUPPOSED to nominate movies for. Also nominated was a film about the possible destructive nature of vengeance, and a movie about standing up to our government when it dabbles in Tyranny. Why aren't you guys freaking out about Clooney's movie? That's actually got a theme that puts you in danger! That's got a theme about Americans standing up to their government when it oversteps its bounds. That may give people ideas. But no, you're eerily silent about that. Maybe because it would mean you back that drunk ass fool, McCarthy?

Look, a love story is a love story. Would you be freaking out at Brokeback if one of the ranchers was a woman? No. But you'd still have a breakdown of two marriages from their illicit love affair (which would be much more true to real threats facing marriage). The net effect would be the same. But I doubt you'd protest it. I doubt you'd send Michael "I look like I should be mixing cleaning fluids in a lab coat" Medved on to dismiss (but at the same time, emphasize?) the hollywood extramarital affair agenda. If Hollywood has an agenda, its to make money by making movies. And so Hollywood makes alot of fuckin movies. Most of them, are non-offensive, middle of the road, black and white, hero and villian type movies that everyone can relate to. You see these all the time. The Oscars aren't meant to honor the status quo. They're meant to honor films that rise above and beyond that. Movies that have come close to perfection in all the aspects of filmmaking. Sometimes, its because those movies create a window to the climate of the time (Good Night, and Good Luck.) Sometimes, its because of the pristine attention to detail, or the characters or the breathtaking cinematography. Whatever the reason these films were nominated because they represented the best of the best. Not because Hollywood is trying to turn your kids to "The Gay."

Look, Hollywood ain't outside of the mainstream. They ain't out of touch. Fuck, Big Momma's House II just came out and grossed the top box office for the past weekend. So, trust me, Hollywood ain't out of touch. They call in the focus groups and market tests just to make sure they ain't out of touch when it comes to the average film they produce. But Hollywood isn't afraid to take a gamble on films, either. And those gambles usually offset lower box office numbers with major awards. Believe me, if Hollywood doesn't think a movie will A) get an audience, B) win awards, or C) both, that fuckin film ain't gettin done. So, take down the straw man, Robertson. And unless you plan to greenlight and fund Larry The Cable Guy Gets 'er Done With Jesus, then let Hollywood fuckin do its job and entertain us.

UPDATE: Salon has great coverage of how well the movie is doing in the decidedly conservative state of Montana. So Medved, O'Reilly, Matthews, et. al., you may commence to suck it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Democracy's call

Every year, the VFW sponsors a contest called the Voice of Democracy. It is a nationwide contest for verbose high schoolers, who write a speech around a theme, record it, and submit it to their local VFW chapter. If you move up the ranks high enough, you get some scholarship dough, and the possibility of meeting a politician (which is usually accompanied by a bath in some type of corrosive chemical to wash the corruption off of your body). In his oratory hey day, the Blue Dragon wrote a few of these. In particular, one speech for the theme: Answering Democracy's Call.

The gist of the Dragon's speech was this: "Get up and participate, bitches". That Democracy's call was the call for all of us to be active participants in our government, to watch over it as we would watch over our children, to call it out on its bullshit, to run for public office, to vote in every fuckin election held in this country. Because without the participation and watchful eye of its citizens, the Republic falls to corruption and disarray.

The Dragon lost to a speech that started with a mock phone call. "Hello? This is Democracy Calling." And then going on to explain the three branches of government, or some such junior high civics nonsense, not looking for a moment at the implications and pending doom of a country that abondoned democracy to the answering machine. I got trounced by a gimmick. A cute intro, followed by some optimistic fluff and a casual throw away line about service in the military, from someone who would never sign up to fight in a war in a million years.

I didn't see it at the time. I thought I got screwed by some old people who liked a little George and Gracie in their rhetoric. But that's not what screwed me. What screwed me is complacency. See, I wasn't describing the future, even though I thought I was. The future had come already, man had it come. I ended up delivering a defacto, "lefty", state of the Union. That was 9 years ago, and we've only gotten worse.

I remember pre-reality TV. Now, Fox "news" runs as its headline story promos for American idol. Now, we devote countless hours on news stories that are ANYTHING but stories about republican corruption and flagrant disregard for the law. Remember when Clinton sneezed? The news headlines read something like this, "Concentrated Evil leaps from Clinton's Nose!" Now, Bush rips up the Constitution and the New York Times reads a headline like, "Steadfast, Fearless, Bush Boldly Proposes Dictatorship in US." And what more, they get away with it. Why? Because we stopped caring. We care more about what three headed monster child is going to get a new house on Extreme Home Makeover (this is to be a seperate topic). We care more about Oprah reeming out a lame-ass novelist who fucked up by crossing her.

Its pathetic. And it is slowly but surely poisoning the Republic. And guess what, happy readers? No blaming the politicians or the media or corporate america. Cause as the saying goes, when the cat's away. They wouldn't try to pull shit if they knew we really were caring. So get off your ass people. Democracy's left you like 30 fucking messages
from the Intensive Care Unit on your voice mail, and it ain't got long left for this world, unless you step it up.


Yeup. I guess there was a pretty big slew of useless crap and empty promises getting thrown around last night. I guess Cindy Sheehan was arrested, forcibly removed from her seat, cuffed, thrown in jail for four hours, and dismissed. Tossed out of the People's House (more commonly known as the House of Representatives, because it was traditionally considered that the House was owned by the people, while the Senate was a more enlightened body for debate and consideration.)

I didn't watch it. I was working. but I felt its presence in the Force. Like a thousand voices crying out in terror, and suddenly silenced. Or one voice crying out in abject stupidty, followed by the trembling of 6 billion people watching him and saying to themselves, "We are so-hooo fucked."

I felt a particular shock from the trembling Oil Industry (Chicago Tribune headline yesterday, "Largest. Profit. Ever") as President George "I made lots of money in the oil business, my daddy made lots of money in the oil business, and my gran'daddy made lots of money in the oil business" Bush declared that America was addicted to oil, and that he had the policies to do something about it. Nevermind that nobody, including him, had any idea what they were. The Oil Industry shook, at first with fear, then with terrible, terrible anger. And it is with that terrible terrible anger that they launched their offensive today. The Competitive Enterprise Institute (read: Association of big business owners looking to bring the work force back to 1895) kicked back at the treasonous president. Courtesy of Tim Grieve at Salon's war Room: "

"The president's dangerous rhetoric that we are addicted to oil is an indication that the administration is addicted to confused thinking about energy policies," says Myron Ebell, director of energy policy for CEI. "As bad as the policies proposed by President Bush are, the addiction rhetoric is much worse. President Bush might as well have said, 'We're addicted to prosperity, comfort, and mobility, and I've got the policies to do something about it.'"

The CEI says it's time for Bush to get back to dancing with the ones who brung him.

Honestly, guys, you just made the largest profits ever. EVER! In the HISTORY of business since the dawn of time adjusted for inflation, nonetheless. And they've honestly got the balls to sit there and say that we're not addicted? They have the balls to say that there's a shortage of supply? That there's not enough refining capacity? That its the mess in Iraq? Katrina? Please guys, please. Give us a break. Just stop lying. Just come right out and say it: "yes. We collude with American Car Manufacturers to produce bigger cars with larger engines that use more oil. We actively seek to dampen research into alternative energy sources, nomatter how much long-term profit we're going to lose once the oil runs out. We work with marketing, PR, and psychological study firms to implant the idea into your head that in order for you to be free to go where you please, you need a car that seats 75 and hauls shit that you don't own and never use. And then once you have that "need" implanted in your head, we exploit the fuck out of it, then lie through our teeth about why we've earned so much fuckin money. Oh, and we give a fuckload of it to Congress. Dig it?"

Just say that. We'll still buy the fuckin cars. We'll still fill up at the pump. No worries. If you say that, then it makes it OUR choice to be stupid fucks and continue to buy. You don't have to worry about legislation, or court action, or whatever. You be candid, and yeah, sure, a few of us will buy more Prius's. But mostly, we enjoy our Ford Earth Movers and Chevy Celestial Bodies. You've already done the damage. You've already discredited the science. You've already warped our minds into a psychological denial of the truth. So, we'll keep buying and burning until the Eastern Seaboard is under water. Until the wars with the rest of the world over natural resources and clean drinking water kill all of our children. We'll keep filling up at the pump until only the rich can afford to drive, and cook food, and heat their homes, and use the lights. We'll just guzzle away as we're relegated to the darkness of a world that never prepared for its resources to run out. You at least owe us the truth about how we got here.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Hey Security Moms, Sam Alito just got confirmed to SCOTUS! You mineaswell get PROPERTY OF US GOVERNMENT tattooed in your uterus.

Sam Alito got confirmed to SCOTUS because you were too busy in November 2004 shaking in your Devil-Wears-Prada boots to elect someone with half a brain. You were too afraid of being killed in a terrorist attack (you're more likely to die from, say, choking on a pretzel) to even take three seconds to think about what spot on the ballot you were punching. You were so cowed by fear that you didn't take three nanoseconds to think about who was actually better at keeping us safe (what PDB?), or the long term implications of electing puppets of the Rapture Right to the White House and Congress. Either that, or you just weren't paying any attention. In both cases, shame on you!

And Security Moms ain't the only ones on the hook for this. NASCAR Dads, you're on my shit list too. Cause good ole Sam Alito is going to bend you over a table and give it to you hard. He's gonna screw you on business regulation, he's gonna screw you on labor rights, he's gonna screw you on private property and right of eminent domain. Cause not only is alito a fright winger, he's a corporatist, ready at any given opportunity to screw decent, hard working folks so that corporate CEO's can add a new jacuzzi to their Lear jets. You were soooooo fuckin Macho in '04, NASCAR Dads. "That Kerry, he just doesn't have the balls that Bush does. His wife likes the French. He's a surrender monkey." You didn't see this coming did you? Didn't see that now, roughly 60% of the American people (which would have to include some of YOU!) are surrender monkeys. Didn't see that with Sam Alito on the court, you mineaswell let your kids suck on the tailpipe of your car for all the good the EPA is going to do you under these fucks. Nice job Dads. Thanks. Do me a favor, stay home next time and let the grown-ups vote, mmmkay?

And now, the last people on my shit list, my fellow liberals. Boy, did we fuck up in 04. We thought it was as plain as day that a SCUBA tank would do a better job leading the country than George Bush. We didn't think we actually had to convince anyone, cause, Jesus and by golly Christ, if they didn't see it then they must've been living in a bomb shelter. We were so fuckin smug. We underestimated the power of fear. And we picked a man, God love John Kerry, with the personality of cottage cheese to counter that fear. And what did he do? Nothing. He was actually the antithesis of an event. And with the tacit approval we gave of his "Republican-lite" approach, we have doomed ourselves to expected capitulation. So, liberals, get on the phone, and call your Senator's office today. If your Senator is a liberal, go ahead and feel free to cry on the phone to the staffer. If they're a Republican, you may offer stern words to them. If they're a democrat who voted to confirm this piece of slime, you may offer them one bit of advice, don't run for reelection and let a real democrat get a shot.

Theirs but to do and die....

"Their's not to make reply
Their's not to reason why
Their's but to do and die"
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Let me start this post right off the bat with this: I'm afraid to fight a war. There, I said it. For all you fright wingers out there, you can call me a coward, I freely admit it. I'm tepid about the idea of being crushed under a flipped over Humvee, or having my leg torn off by an IED, or having brain trauma from being rocked against the stock of my M60 atop an APC. I'm a bit scared of manic depression and anxiety attacks from over-extended tours of duty and separation from my loved ones. I'm "yeller" about the idea of being in a country roughly the size of California, whose people speak a language I don't understand, and where a majority of the population doesn't like the fact that I'm there. But, and I say this to the fright wingers, if I'm afraid, so are you. If you're not, you'd be signing up, right? Or do you feel that your skills are more suited to "boosting morale" here at home (read: slandering democrats and repeating Ken Mehlman's talking points)?

I think the folks who serve to keep this country safe are some of the most honorable and brave people on earth. I know they're afraid to be out there. What sane human being wouldn't be? But they swallow that fear. I respect that. I respect them. I wouldn't be fighting in Iraq, and because its a war that I would never see a cause to fight, I wouldn't ask others to fight in my stead. If I were in congress, I would've voted an emphatic "FUCK NAW!" And therein is the problem with Congress. Look folks, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, and if we're going to start a war, we'd better be prepared to pick up a gun ourselves if the going gets tough, (the 101st Fighting Keyboardists? I'm calling you!) rather than relying on those folks who joined the military for the perks. We'd better be prepared to do whatever we must to keep as few of our kids from dying as humanly possible. we'd better be prepared to use a little less gas in our SUV's, tighten our belts a bit, maybe raise taxes to generate some revenue to equip these troops so they don't get killed, so we can rebuild the damage we've done, and gain the respect of an occupied, but well fed and watered, population. A sane group of people would think that way.

Unfortunately, the Congress of the United States doesn't exactly classify as sound in Mind and body. So they sent other people's kids to fight a war they wouldn't send their kids to. They lowered taxes and cut spending, so they were grossly underprepared for paying for this adventure. They completely FUBAR'd the postwar planning. And worst of all, they asked for nothing, NOTHING from those of us who aren't fighting. They asked us to buy a bumper sticker. They didn't ask of the American people to use less fuel (so maybe we wouldn't have to conveniently invade one of the most oil rich countries in the world to confiscate their WMD programs that are later found to have been dismantled 10 years prior). They didn't ask the auto manufacturers to please stop manufacturing as many Ford Star Destroyers and Mercury Roving Colonies. They didn't think about maybe setting up a social services net to deal with the problems these troops are going to have when they return from active duty. Then they had the balls to make THE TROOPS buy better body armor!

Say what you will about the Merits of the Invasion. Whether you agree or disagree with it isn't the point (even though, if you agree with why we're there, isn't a logical progression that you'd be eager to sign up). The point here is, our troops give everything and ask for nothing. But we, as a collective nation, can't even come up with the common decency to sacrifice a bit to make their lives easier and safer. They are conveniently trotted out as scenery when the President needs a poll bump, then they're shuttled away back to the front lines to be diced into mince meat by the insurgency. Their deaths are hidden from us, lest we be reminded of the cost of war with anything more than abstract numbers. We are a selfish, greedy brood, who wants to have all the spoils without expending any of the effort. The problem with that is, someone has to, maybe not now, maybe not even tomorrow. But someone has to put the money on the table for this. Do you want it to be your children? Or are we going to keep passing the buck on down until you could power New York on the energy created from Truman spinning in his grave?

Monday, January 30, 2006

On elections

Democratic elections are awesome. No, really. Each time I walk into a booth to vote, I am happy as a clam. I feel that in some small way, I'm contributing to the sustenance of the Republic. A voting population is essential, folks. I'm not sure what the average voter turnout here is, but it is not high enough. In this country, we ought to have 100% of elilgible voters out to cast their ballots. Of course, there are plenty of people out there that would love to see a majority of the population stay at home on election day, and work very hard to achieve that. But that's a topic for another time.

I want to talk about the elections in Palestine. The Palestinians held free elections, and lo and behold, the militant, fundamentalist, Islamic party, Hamas, won. But honestly, is anyone surprised by this? Did anyone not see this coming? I mean, leaving at the door 5,000 years of Isreali and Palestinian history and political turmoil (cause by no means am I a scholar of Middle Eastern history and politics), and just focusing on the circumstances of this year, did anyone not see this kind of thing happening? Iran-allied-Shiites win an election in Iraq (weren't we supposed to get an ally out of that?). Hardliners win in Iran. Egypt has a free election where the leader of the opposition party was imprisoned, and what a surprise, a tyrannical government won there too. And our Preznit sits up there, with that smirk on his face, saying that these elections have brought democracy to the middle east. And in a shrieking chorus of orgasmic joy, the right wing bloggers and media repeat the mantra, willfully ignorant of the complete lie that has just been spoken.

But there's a lesson to be learned here, is there not? How about, "Voting does NOT a Democracy make." A constitution (not written under the barrel of an occupying power) makes a democracy, a bill of rights makes a democracy, a system of checks and balances makes a democracy. Do you see folks? Do you see it? George Bush touts democracy in the middle east as a simple majority rules because that's what he thinks it should be here too! That's the kind of democracy he wants for us! A Majority-Rules-51%-is-a-mandate-I-don't-need- any-checks-and-balances-he-people-voted-fer-me-and-I'm gonna-do-whatever-I-damn-well-please democracy. A democracy without the pesky little hindrances of Congressional Oversight or due process or habeus corpus. A democracy where the Tyranny of the Majority is the rule of the land. That's what he and the Neo-Cons want. He FRICKING SAID IT ON CNN!
"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."

That's it in a nutshell folks. It is not hypocritical to tout shattered and broken democracy abroad when that's what you want at home.

Sun Tzu and the Dems

Sun Tzu was right, "The art of war is of vital importance to the state."

Neo-Cons read their Sun Tzu. They know how to wage a war (unless it happens to be in a foreign country). They've been waging it for 30 years (Since Robertson and the Coalition bought the souls of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove). Like Sherman marching to the Sea, burning down everything in his path. Sherman's March killed the Confederacy and was the step to bringing back the Union. In contrast, however, the Neo-Con March is going to break this Republic and shatter our Constitution into a thousand little pieces. Don't believe me? Then open your eyes. Read the newspaper. We're being spied on by our own government!!!! If that's not proof that our Constitution is currently being used to housebreak the White House Pooch, i don't know what is.

The Neo-Cons have strong leadership. They have a determined, almost maniacal belief in proverbially (and if you listen to the likes of Ann Coulter, literally) shivving the Democratic Party in the ribs and leaving them to die on the floor of the Congress. It's a war to them. A war whose strategy has been forged by the unethical and satanical partnering of the Rapture Right (see the Rude Pundit for some harrowing tales of the rapture right), Corporate America, K Street and the Republican Money Machine. Its a strategy of total dominance. Over culture. Over Information. Over science. Over Media. Over economy. Its a strategy of keeping the poor in poverty, keeping the uneducated stupid, and keeping the people distracted with American Idol (run by Fox. Is this a coincidence? Do you really think so?).

They have numbers. They have generals (even if they do sit at keyboards or behind the anchor chair and have never seen a day of combat ever). They've got the money. What have we got? nada. nothing. Zilch. We have John Kerry running a last minute political stunt to keep the Supreme Court from being owned by the frightwingers until 2055. A strategy doomed to fail, because as Walter Shapiro from Salon points out: "
In hindsight, the battle was effectively over after the first day of the Senate hearings when the criminally verbose Judiciary Committee Democrats failed to sustain a clear and consistent anti-Alito argument with all those cable networks broadcasting live." We have Hillary Clinton jockeying between kissing Republican ass in the hopes of winning "moderates" and throwing out lip service to the party faithfuls. We have democratic senators from Republican states throwing votes to the Neo-Cons in the futile hope that bipartisanship still exists in the congress. We have democratic strategists who are so afraid of the Republican Noise Machine that, even when we have encountered the most morally and legally corrupt congress possibly EVER, we still can't seem to hammer home the fact that Democrats are a better alternative to Republicans, and can run this country better (even when a majority of Americans AGREE WITH US!). Most of all, we hear the sounds of thumping, as faithful democrats all over the country continue to pound their heads agains the walls, hoping to God that at some point they can stop and get an ice pack.

Yeah, the neo-cons read their Sun Tzu baby. And they see politics as war. A war they're going to fight tooth and nail, legally or illegally, until they win this country whole hog. Bipartisanship? Get off! Fair play? Aw hell naw. They want the democratic party politically eviscerated. And they don't care how many innocent americans have to be crushed under lower wages, higher health care, outsourcing, high gas prices, ignorance, or poverty. They want power. They want control. and unless the empty hollow shell once known as the Democratic Party finds their soul again soon, the Neo-Cons are gonna get it. Unless your elected representatives stand up and fight, and not this "Well sir, I don't like it" shit. I mean its time to start breaking shit. When Chris Matthews starts in on comparing Michael moore to Osama Bin Laden, somebody in the Congress has got to call him on that shit (Hey, Howard Dean, WTF man? You were supposed to be the guy for this.) And if the Party isn't going to step up, its time to get your pen and paper out and start writing some letters people. Cause this ain't the America we were promised. And if we don't act now, it never will be.